Letter to the editor: GOP against mandates

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Columbus County GOP would like to make a statement on the highly controversial mandated COVID vaccines for health workers. The issue is employers and Right to Work Law.

According to the law an employee can set the standards as to their employment within their company such as dress codes and about any other item/situation they deem necessary.
That’s understandable to a point, but when it concerns the health of the employee, a health choice or perhaps even an unborn child that is the breaking point with such a law and common sense should be used. The Columbus County GOP is against any kind of mandate for the vaccine to health care workers. I will explain our reasoning.

I will refer to “The Nuremberg Code” which was created in 1947. The Nuremberg Code is based on international principles to prevent forced experimental medicine testing without the consent of the people. Germany did this prior to and during WWII which is what spurred the creating of the code.

None of the COVID-19 shots have full FDA approval.

You may say what has this got to do with a North Carolina law for Right to Work, and I hate to split hairs but sometimes common sense should be used. The Creator must have thought common sense was more important because he gave that to us first.

Dress codes and social media codes with employers for example should not be comparable to health choices by the employee. In this case in my opinion hairs should be split because it seems you have two different conflicting laws which because of the politics of this virus has caused a biased interpretation of the code. The principles here are the same. I am writing a portion of the ‘to the point sections’ of the code to provide proof to my reasoning.

The Columbus County GOP is against this vaccine mandate to our health care employees for the reasons explained here. We would ask all employers whom are participating in this violation of rights to reconsider and not put our health care workers in an un-necessary violation of their personal rights or their livelyhood. I hope that you make the right decision and give due respect to the employees that serve you and Columbus County so well.

The Nuremberg Code begins with this fundamental principle: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.”

Principle 5 states: ” No experiment should be conducted where there is reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur.”

Principle 10 states that the experiment should be terminated if it “is likely to result in injury, disability or death.”

As of July 23, 518,769 injuries and 11,940 deaths have been reported by the CDC VAERS log following these COVID shots. (Mat Staver , Liberty Council Aug. 4, 2021)


Sammy Hinson, Chairman

Columbus County Republican Party