Mt. Tabor Manna opened sooner than anticipated -- during the pandemic.

Pandemic sped up plans for Mt. Tabor

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On a back street in Tabor City sits a small, local secret — a family-operated café called Mt. Tabor Manna.  The cozy little nook sits just behind the post office, a short drive down Orange [Read More]
Jefferson Weaver

When the corn was melting

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` The day was so hot, I thought the corn was melting.I know that the corn was actually thriving on that still, humid June day, but to me it seemed the day was so hot [Read More]

Columbus County

County News

Giles "Buddy" Byrd and Eddie Madden
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County manager calls out Byrd

County officials took the unusual step of calling out Commissioner Giles “Buddy” Byrd Friday after Byrd made several inaccurate statements to a Wilmington television station. Byrd cast the sole dissenting vote against the Fiscal 21-22 [Read More]