Yemma Farm’s Curiosity Corner

By Lisa Yemma – for the love of science, nature, and the future.

Have you ever wondered something and searched it up on google, and then 30 minutes later you have no idea what the search answer was?

Have you ever spent time trying to figure something out, working through it, and then remembering it for years?

How we approach learning matters. But, how do we know how to know?

Well, you’re in luck. I’m here to help. Look outside right now – what do you notice? What do you wonder? What feelings does wondering invoke?

For me, wondering is inspiring. I sometimes just wonder for the sake of wondering. I pile up my ideas and am never in short supply.

Take another look outside. Focus on a specific spot for 15 seconds. Now, what are you thinking? Of course I am pushing your observations skills to the outdoors. I am a science teacher, after all. I mean, I hope you wonder about a lot of things, but I’d like to support your curiosity in nature, science, and the future.

Here’s some questions I’ve been pondering for a while:

If fire ant poison works, why do people have to use more and more?

What host plants should I plant to support our local butterfly population?

Why have I been seeing a hawk flying around the farm more and more?

How far into the ground does the poison sprayed on our farms go

Really, my goal for this column is to provide a space where you can wonder, be curious, and celebrate life.

Instead of asking google, sit with your observations for a bit. As you go through your routine, see if you notice any connections, and when you’ve decided what questions you have, send them on over to Yemma Farm ([email protected]), or post them on my Facebook Page.

I’d love to hear what you’re wondering about.