Lake woodworker turns hobby into business

Delisle with one of his signature porch swings.
Delisle with one of his signature porch swings.

Don Delisle is a Lake Waccamaw local with a story to tell. 

Like many at the height of the pandemic, he was laid off from his job of 46 years. With bills to pay, and a family to support, he turned to his hobby of woodworking for income. 

What he didn’t expect was for business to take off as well as it did.  

In the beginning, he made Adirondack chairs, and advertised them on Facebook Marketplace. They sold well, and the positive feedback encouraged him to create other items. Armed with red cedar and routing tools, he made charcuterie serving boards, and butcher’s blocks. Napkin holders and serving trays soon followed, and Delisle decided it was time for a larger project. 

Porch swings were the goal in mind, and he didn’t disappoint.  

Delise says he now has a new source of income that bodes well for him and his family in the future. 

“I’m this close to retirement,” says Delisle, pinching his thumb and forefinger together. “They’ve called me back to work now, but I have a plan in mind.” 

Dom Delisle offers his wares online and at the Lake Waccamaw Community Yard Sale.

He’s going to start his own business. Residents will soon see the Lake Waccamaw Wood Experience up and running, and Delisle is happy to serve the community with his woodworking wares. 

To view Delisle’s items in person, you can find him on the first Saturday of every month at the Lake Waccamaw Community Yard Sale, or you can check out his ad on the Columbus County Classifieds Facebook page.  

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