Babies and barbed wire • Crystal Faircloth

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Too often we find ourselves complaining about our lives. We complain about politics and we argue about statistics. We no longer love our neighbor, and we fail to see the good in our country. We forget about who fought for our freedoms as we watch our choices being taken away one by one. This is not the America that I grew up in, and I wonder how long citizens will continue to let themselves be divided. 

 How far will the difference in opinion reach until we become a communist country run by an American-made Taliban? Will we be wrought with desperation so great that we will climb aboard planes and fall to our deaths in an attempt to leave the United States? Is death a better option than defeat? 

The news from Afghanistan is horrible. It’s a holy terror that we as citizens have never seen in our lifetime. Women are hiding, men are surrendering, and government officials who supported Western forces are being killed in the streets. Facebook is alive with these images, but nothing could be more horrendous than what is happening to the children in that country.  

A video was uploaded from a cell phone to the Daily Wire. British soldiers line one side of a barbed wire fence while Afghan residents plead from the other side. Babies and toddlers were being passed over hands and heads, and tossed to the soldiers on the other side. At first the images are heart-wrenching, but they turn into something that brings tears to my eyes even now. 

A baby is hoisted into the air, but not far enough to clear the barbed wire. I don’t have to continue the story at this point, because I simply can’t. You now know the fate of this poor little soul.  

We are desperate for our freedoms in this country, because we have had them all of our lives. America has intervened the last 20 or so years in Afghanistan, and those people have only had a taste. They want it back. Things are so dire in that part of the world that children are dying as parents are trying to get them away from an unimaginable evil: a government run by devils of tyranny.  

Though the Afghan citizens outnumber the Taliban, they are afraid to fight back. They are afraid to fight for their country, but they don’t see the sacrifices they have already made. Can you imagine separating yourself from your child, and throwing it into an uncertain fate?  

Freedom is not free. We take advantage of these liberties every single day. We forget that this could be the fate of this United States we live in if we continue to divide ourselves. We need to learn it’s okay to agree to disagree. This is what adults do to come to a decision about a greater good. It’s okay to be a different race or ethnicity, and we shouldn’t look at the world in black and white. We need to learn to love each other and help each other. We need to pray together, and eat together. 

We are Americans. We are a whole. Divided we die, and united we stand. Don’t let the breaking point be throwing babies over a barbed wire fence.  

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