Campers, Drainage Top Lake Agenda

Lynn Hinnant
Lynn Hinnant owns a campground and RV park at Lake Waccamaw.

Campground regulations and drainage issues around the Waccamaw Shores area topped the Lake Waccamaw commissioners agenda Tuesday.  

Don Delisle of 144 Waccamaw Shores Road attended June’s meeting to express his concern about the water not flowing as it does on Canal Cove Road and causing swamp-like conditions in his backyard. He’s been working with Mayor Matt Wilson over the last several weeks to seek solutions to fix the problem, and he gave an update at last night’s meeting.

Delisle has been in contact with several county and state entities and has discovered reservoirs that feed the both the lake and canals fall under state jurisdiction. Debris and other trash have caused a dam of sorts, and the blockage has left his backyard, where he once fished and enjoyed watching wildlife, completely dry with grass growing in places.

“Hopefully, we can get something done with it. It’s only going to get worse,” said the resident. “It’s not a negative by any means. I’m trying to make it a positive. If anyone knows anything that can help, that would be great.”

Robert Bailey, Public Works Utility Manager, chimed in to explain on a diagram how the drought has some effect on the lack of water, but agreed that water is being blocked by debris has an impact on conditions on Delisle’s property. 

Commissioners have decided to file a letter on behalf of Delisle with the N. C. Department of Soil and Water to get the area cleaned out and get the water flowing once more.

Local campground and RV park owner Lynn Hinnant was present at the meeting to address concerns about travel trailer regulations in Lake Waccamaw. Hinnant recently purchased the commercial property and has been working to change and upgrade homes and utilities around the park.  

Recently, two newer model campers have been put in to replace vacated lots on the premises and put up for sale. Zoning ordinances and DOT regulation 20-116 require travel trailers over 102 inches to have a permit before they can be moved. Hinnant was unaware that any regulations had been violated because manufacturers and dealerships do not require any specialty paperwork to pull campers to the campground.

Commissioner Terry Littrell expressed the desire to change the rule for future reference because he understands without the campground, working families couldn’t afford to come to Lake Waccamaw on vacation.

“We have got to have change with the ordinances that we have now, so there’s no issues going forward,” said Littrell.

Hinnant was asked to put in a request in writing to the planning board to allow the 12-foot campers to remain in the park. Town Manager Damon Kempski will be sitting down with the commercial property owner to work out the wording in the letter.

Fire Chief Brandy Nance had good news to share at the meeting. She said 50 percent of their goal for water rescue equipment had been met after the hotdog sale, gun raffle, and deck furniture bids. She said they should have a total soon, and more donations are still coming into the department

She also announced that residents will be seeing a large presence in first responders over the next weekend. A countywide water rescue training event will be taking place on July 16-17. Many agencies involved in rescue and recovery missions with Lake Waccamaw Fire and Rescue Department will be participating in the training session.  

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