Missions Hope to Return to Kenya

Nealey and Causey in Kenya
Nealey and Causey during a previous trip to Kenya.

Two Tabor City men hope to once again travel half a world away to spread the word of God and help those in need. Robert Nealey, a schoolteacher and minister, will be raising money with John Causey, international bishop for their mission program, New Life Outreach, to make their yearly summer voyage to Kenya. Causey took over the mission after the death of the founder, Rev. Grover Hunt of Eden, in 2004.   

Rev. Hunt left a huge impact on the people of Kenya when he founded the mission in 1979 to feed and clothe the poor, and most importantly, to bring them the gospel of Christ, the men said.  

“At 17 or 18, I had dreams of preaching in Africa,” said Nealey last year in an interview. “At the time I didn’t even know I was called to preach, but in my dreams of preaching, I was preaching in Africa. All these years, I am just now answering the call. I was 36 when I went to Africa for the first time. That was about 18 years after those dreams.”  

Since it was founded, New Life Outreach Mission has since grown from one church built by Rev. Hunt to 25 churches in Kenya where the ministry is feeding, clothing, and helping the poor financially. After Causey took over the ministry, New Life Outreach Mission has since been licensed and established by the state of Kenya.  

According to Nealey, the country is in desperate need of help and supplies. It’s so impoverished that piles of trash line the road, children and animals are starving, and there are no grocery stores. Even a day’s pay is the equivalent of 5 U.S. dollars in Kenya.  

“The first thing you smell is smoke and dirt. There’s no refrigeration since most places don’t have electricity, so if you want fresh chicken, you have to go to the butcher.” 

The first fundraiser for the missions’ trip will be on Friday, June 23, from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the Ritz Place across from the Todd House in Tabor City. There will be BBQ plates for sale and Gospel singing by The Nealeys, The Royal Descendants, and Matthew Nealey.  

The plates are $10 each and will include BBQ, baked beans, slaw, a roll, and dessert. Orders of 5 or more can be delivered to your home or business. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time by calling Nealey at 910.640.8659. Acceptable payment is by cash or by Cashapp at $rnealey40. If you would like to help the New Life Outreach Mission or donate, contact Causey at 910.234.5866. 

The mission also accepts donated items such as Bibles, canned tuna (a favorite of Kenyans), peanut butter, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and socks. New Life Outreach Mission appreciates any items or donations you can make towards the mission.