Yemma Farm’s Curiosity Corner

By Lisa Yemma, Special to

Poetry Challenge #1

Have you ever listened to a song and been inspired, energized, curious? Music is poetry, and I love both music and poetry. Poetry gets a bad rap, but when you find the one, that one poem, then, just then, the conversion begins.

Today you are being given a challenge. A challenge to share with your kids, friends, family, neighbors – anyone that you’d like to inspire with nature and poetry. 

Let me give you an example. When I was a kid, my boy cousins would tease me by pulling the legs off a daddy longlegs and then throwing the bodies at me. This is horrible in so many ways, including that I have had a fear of daddy long legs ever since. 

Well, along comes my love of science and nature and discovering the book, “Insectlopedia”, by Douglas Florian. Florian writes poems based on nature and science, and I discovered “The Daddy Longlegs”

Ready for your challenge? Ok, good. You have 2 week to submit a poem, any style. This challenge is a poem about monarchs. Any or all stages of monarchs:  butterflies, metamorphosis, caterpillars, eggs, and/or chrysalis,. Once submitted, the poems will be reviewed for creativity and science connections. I will announce the poem finalists at the Columbus County Farmers Market on June 19 at 10:00 am! 

The selected poems will be published in CCN, and on Yemma Farm’s Website.

Happy science, happy art, happy writing – I look forward to reading your poems!

Poem submissions must include your name, age, and city, and parent or guardian permission.