Fake $100 turns up at watermelon stand

This prop bill turned up at a Cerro Gordo watermelon stand (CCSO photo)
This prop bill turned up at a Cerro Gordo watermelon stand (CCSO photo)

The money left in a watermelon honor system cash box Tuesday was less than honorable.

Robert Worley of Cerro Gordo contacted the sheriff’s office after someone left a movie prop $100 bill at his roadside stand on Swamp Fox Highway, and took four or five watermelons. Worley made the discovery Tuesday.

Prop bills are clearly marked to prevent their being used in cash transactions, Sheriff Jody Greene said in a press release. In this case, the suspect left the bill in the box when no one was around.

The prop bills are readily identifiable due to markers designed to keep them from being mistaken for the real thing. (CCSO photo)

“Prop money is used in movies, music videos, and in other entertainment industries,” the release said. “It can easily be purchased online.  The prop money used in this transaction has foreign writing stamped on it.”

Greene said the public needs to be on the lookout for this specific type of counterfeit money.  

“It looks very similar to U.S. currency, except for a slight color variation, texture variation, and the foreign writing,” Greene said.  “Please be vigilant when making cash transactions to ensure that the currency you and the other party exchange is not counterfeit.” 

Anyone with information about the person passing the fake $100 bill is asked to contact the sheriff’s office at  910.642.6551.     

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