Filmmakers hope ‘Everything is Green’ in Columbus

Everything is Green
A team of filmmakers hopes to cast and produce a movie based on the short story "Everything Is Green" in Columbus County.

A team of filmmakers have traveled from the West Coast to Columbus County to set the scene for their short feature, in hopes of making their characters as authentic as possible. 

Omeed Farsoni and Leo Martinez are setting the stage to film Everything is Green, a screenplay written and directed by Farsoni. Everything is Green is adapted from the short story of the same name, written by David Foster Wallace. 

“It’s a look inside the mind of an intelligent, hardworking, quiet man named Mitch who seems content to live a small-town country life,” Farsoni said. “His younger wife, Mayfly, longs for more than what the walls of their broken-down mobile home has to offer. Her love for Mitch is endless, but she feels trapped by the confines of their union. She is described as a bird, in a gilded cage, with the doors left open. She longs for freedom.”  

The film was originally set for production in California, but the feel just wasn’t right, Martinez said. Farsoni scouted out other areas, and even drove to southern Oregon, but in his words, “The grass just didn’t grow the right way.” 

Martinez, the producer of the film, is a Brunswick County native. He suggested that the crew, also consisting of cinematographer Kevin Pontrelli and editor Troy Charbonnet pack up and head to Columbus County to search for the perfect location. When the first site didn’t pan out, Leo put in a call to his mother, who put him in contact with his uncle who moves mobile homes. 

“My uncle has a property with multiple homes surrounding a piece of land here in Columbus County, just off U.S. Highway 74/76, and the location turned out to be ideal for the authentic feel,” Martinez said.  

They hope to hold a casting call on the campus of Southeastern Community College, and they have been in contact with campus officials to get the ball rolling. The crew will be conducting interviews, and they ask that folks just simply come, talk and “be themselves. 

“We don’t want to do auditions,” Martinez said. “We just want people to come in, and have a conversation with us. Are you Mitch or are you Mayfly?” 

Farsoni hopes they can bring attention to the area, and in the long run hopes the film brings with it a ripple effect of positivity. 

“I want to give people something to look forward to. I want this to strengthen the community,” he said.  

More information about the casting call will be released as soon as dates and times are finalized. The film consists of one male lead in their late forties or early fifties, and one female role preferably in their mid to late thirties or early forties. 

“All we ask is that those who audition, please just be yourselves, and let your genuine personality show,” Farsoni said. 

For more information, call 910.269.5858 or email [email protected].

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