Painting art on canvas and skin in Tabor City

Christopher Gower in front of his art gallery and tattoo parlor.
Christopher Gower in front of his art gallery and tattoo parlor.

An art studio on in Tabor City offers peace, beauty and tattoos.

Local artist Christopher Gower has settled into his art studio in downtown Tabor City after a long and continuing pandemic. He welcomes visitors to come in and take a tour through Serenity Gallery to catch a glimpse, and maybe even purchase his vibrant paintings on canvas.

His colorful artwork is displayed upon the walls of his studio, which also seconds as a tattoo studio. 


Christopher Gower

Gower relocated from Raleigh to Tabor City in 2019 and hunkered down in his new town while the pandemic raged.

 “I decided to do a new type of business that is even new to the youth of Tabor City,” Gower said. “The business will begin a new livelihood for all ages.”

 Gower says he’s been an artist all of his life and he felt the need to open the gallery after he had an offer for a great location on Fifth Street in Tabor City. He formerly ran and owned Stained Skin, a successful tattoo shop in Raleigh for 14 years, and has since re-opened Stained Skin inside of Serenity Gallery. 

 Gower went on to say that the reason he produces such colorful and meaningful art is due to his color blindness and PTSD. 

“I express the growth and losses inside the societal world,” said Gower.

Gallery Serenity is open seven days a week from 12. p.m. until midnight. The studio is located at 111 E. Fifth St., Tabor City. All the art is for sale, but visitors are welcome.

The art gallery is filled with Gower’s work, all of which is for sale.

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