County School Uniforms Out for New Year

Although classes don’t start for most students  for several weeks, the county school board is making sure there is no confusion about appropriate clothing.

Uniforms were done away with in May, after multiple complaints by parents and students.

The new policy is similar to the pre-uniform rules .

Shoes are required, including specialized shoes for some activities. Slippers and bedroom shoes are not permitted 

Sunglasses, hats, hoods, and other headgear (including kerchiefs, bandanas, and rags) may not be worn inside school buildings.

Clothing which promotes illegal drug, alcohol or tobacco use or is provocative, obscene or substantially disruptive is prohibited. Clothing that is torn, cut, sliced or shredded from the neck to four inches above the knee is prohibited.

Jewelry and visible tattooing must not promote illegal drug, alcohol or tobacco use or be provocative, obscene or substantially disruptive. Jewelry cannot include any items that can be used as a weapon, such as spikes and chains attaching piercings.

Garments for the lower body must fall to at least four inches above the kneecap when the student is standing. These garments include dresses, skirts, shorts and any other appropriate apparel. These garments must fit snugly around the waist to eliminate sagging.

Garments for the upper body must cover the upper torso. These garments include shirts, blouses and any other appropriate apparel. The bottom of any top must cover the waistband of the lower body garment so no skin is showing. Tank tops and sleeveless shirts must reach the edge of the shoulder and top of the arm. 

Dress for special school sponsored activities that occur outside the regular school day may be determined and regulated at the discretion of the principal.

All undergarments must be covered at all times. 

A student who is not in compliance with the school dress code will be given a “reasonable period of time” to make adjustments, the policy said. Disciplinary consequences will be determined by the principal in accordance with the Code of Student conduct.

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