City Food Truck Workshop Thursday

The sidewalk project currently underway in Whiteville is federally funded and being managed by the NCDOT.

City officials will meet with the planning board and food truck operators Thursday to discuss the future of the popular eateries in Whiteville.

Food trucks are basically prohibited in the city. A plan to allow food trucks in Whiteville was shot down by a unanimous vote in 2020 after complaints from traditional restaurants. Owners of several dining establishments told the council that food trucks offer a low-cost way for operators to compete with brick and mortar businesses, with less investment.

Currently the city school system is the only food truck on a regular schedule in the city. 

The ordinance that struck down food trucks only allowed them in concert with bars and taverns that were at least 100 feet from an established restaurant. The only exceptions were for festivals and events. Food truck operators are required to buy a permit and meet minimum health and safety guidelines.

Chadbourn, Tabor City and Lake Waccamaw have few if any food truck rules.

Council voted earlier this summer to schedule a workshop to discuss new rules for food trucks. Thursday’s workshop is at 4 p.m. in the city council chambers of the municipal building. It is open to the public.

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