County Schools Apply for Lottery Funding

Columbus County Commissioners Monday gave the nod to a request by the county Board of Education to apply for more than $2 million in lottery funds for a new Williams Township School gym.

Eddie Beck (Columbus County Schools)
Eddie Beck was named the new Asst. Superintendent of Columbus County Schools (County Schools photo)

Asst. Superintendent Eddie Beck said the $2,840,075 project would provide a new gymnasium as well as four elective classrooms. The total cost of the project is $3,790,075. The $950,000 balance will be paid from sales tax revenues.

Beck will take the reins of the school system later this month, when Supt. Deanne Meadows retires.

The project is planned for the Williams Township campus. The gym is one of the oldest remaining in the county, and has fallen into disrepair. It is used by community sports groups as well as school activities.

State law requires that a portion of state lottery funds be used for construction projects in the public school systems. Monies are distributed based on lottery ticket sales per capita in counties across the state. Lottery funds can only be used to pay off construction debt and for new buildings, not for administration buildings or technology.

The proposal from the school board was approved without discussion.

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