Man Assaulted After Defending Dogs

A man who was allegedly abusing two dogs allegedly assaulted a man who interceded June 28.

The sheriff’s office reported that the dogs were “bothering people” at Lumber River campground, and the dog’s owner was contacted to pick them up. The reported victim, James Anderson, said the dogs’ owner arrived and “began beating the dogs until they were whimpering and crying.” He then allegedly slammed one of the dog’s head in the tailgate of his truck and forcefully threw the other into the bed of the truck.

Anderson told deputies that when he approached the owner and asked him to stop, the owner said “I will do as I wish with my f—— dogs,” and knocked Anderson to the ground. The owner and a juvenile then began beating and kicking Anderson before leaving the campground with the dogs. Anderson refused transport by EMS.

Several witnesses corroborated Anderson’s statement, the report said. The investigation is continuing.

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