Boardman Interchange Open to Traffic

USD 74 at Boardman (DOT)
The U.S. 74 interchange at Boardman opened Friday with on/off ramps, an overpass and roundabouts (DOT photo).

One of the deadliest interchanges in Columbus County has an entirely new look.

The intersection of U.S. 74 at Boardman, where Old Boardman Road and Macedonia Church Road intersect in the Intrastate, opened to traffic Friday afternoon around 4:30 p.n. The Interchange now includes an overpass, on/off ramps and roundabouts.

The offset intersection was an at-grade crossing, meaning motorists had to wait for space at either side to cross or turn. The traffic pattern led to a number of fatalities and serious collisions in recent years, as the speed limit on U.S. 74 has increased. Drivers sometimes failed to reduce their speed after crossing the Lumber River bridge, leading to high speed collisions with motorists coming from either side.

The new interchange is another step in bringing the four-lane highway up to Interstate Highway standards.

The project was completed more than a year early. The project began in 2021, and was scheduled for completion in October 2024.

Boarrdman detail
The Boardman Interchange on U.S. 74 features two roundabouts, on/off exits and an overpass. (NCDOT photo)
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