Tabor Wins $1 Million for Water Improvements

Rep. BrendenJones

Tabor City has qualified for a $1 million water improvement grant.

Rep. Brenden Jones said Thursday that the State Water Infrastructure Authority had approved a Community Development Block Grant for the town. The grant will be used to make improvements to two of the town’s four drinking water wells.

Tabor City has won more than 148 grants since 1987.  The total of funding awarded to the town is over $72 million during that period.

 “Last year, I worked with Tabor City on a $2 million CDBG-I grant award for sewer line improvements,” Jones said. “Eligible municipalities can win three million CDBG dollars in a three-year period, so it occurred to me that Tabor City had left a million dollars on the table.  I encouraged the town’s leaders to reapply for another million-dollar grant.”

 Mayor Royce Harper was pleased with the announcement from the Infrastructure Council and Jones.

 “Tabor City has been focused for about a decade on upgrading our sewer plant and replacing old sewer lines,” Harper said. “The council wants to start emphasizing water system improvements, and today’s announcement is a great way to start that new focus.”

 Jones has prioritized strengthening the state and local government relationships in his district.

“The amounts of infrastructure funding in the past few state budgets have been at historically high levels,” Jones said. “I’m pleased that the towns and counties in our area are aggressively trying to win those grant dollars.”

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