Another handgun stolen as more break-ins reported in Nakina area

Breakins of vehicles are continuing in the Nakina area.
Breakins of vehicles are continuing in the Nakina area.

The break-ins occur in batches each night, generally after midnight and before dawn.

An additional six vehicle breakins were reported in the Nakina area Thursday, according to the sheriff’s office. Homes along Ervin Richardson and Pine Level Church roads were targeted this time, with thieves taking a firearm, sunglasses, cash and change, and other small items.

Around 15 break-ins have been reported in the area of Seven Creeks Highway, Old Tram Road, Walter Road, Sterling Acres and Ramsey Ford, according to sheriff’s office reports. The break-ins began Aug. 5, and even occurred during Hurricane Isaias.

  The suspect or suspects are going from house to house in the early morning hours, taking change, cash and anything else they can find in vehicles. Several handguns have been stolen by the car burglars. Most of the thefts occur in groups of three or four. In several cases, locked cars were damaged so the thief could gain entry.

The sheriff’s office is investigating the thefts. Anyone with surveillance photos or information about the thefts is asked to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 642.6551. If you see a suspicious vehicle or person, get as much information as you can, such as a description of clothing, color of a vehicle or tag number, and call 911.

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