Heimnick pleas in rape attempt on senior citizen

Marcus Heimnick
Marcus Heimnick

Marcus Ryan Heimnick will spent four to ten years in prison and 30 on the state’s sex offender registry for his May 2020 sexual assault on a 75 year old woman.

The victim managed to defend herself against Heimnick and send him fleeing from her home.

Assistant District Attorney Allan Adams said Heimnick, 19, forced his way into the woman’s home on Manley Smith Road in the early morning hours of May 20. The woman found the partially-naked Heimnick in her bedroom, and he attacked her on her bed.

The woman kneed and hit Heimnick in the bedroom, but he took her cell phone while she was dialing 911. She used her medic alert bracelet to notify law enforcement, and obtained a knife while turning the lights on in her home. She then waited in the kitchen for deputies to arrive, Adams said.

Det. Alex Meeks of the sheriff’s office quickly identified Heimnick, Adams said, and deputies took him into custody.

Heimnick pleaded guilty to attempted second degree rape. Adams said the state was willing to make a deal in the case to spare the victim and her family the additional trauma of a trial.   The family and the victim was present at the sentencing hearing, Adams said. Her son described his mother’s actions and how the attack impacted the family.

Adams and Victim Witness Legal Assistant Tammi Collins represented the state. Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser presided.

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