Cerro Gordo Baptist closes for two weeks due to COVID

Cerro Gordo Baptist Church
Cerro Gordo Baptist Church (Courtesy photo)

Cerro Gordo Baptist Church has cancelled all services for two weeks to sanitize the facility while the pastor and his family recover from COVID-19.

“We’re doing okay,” Rev. George Strickland said in a Facebook live broadcast from his home. “the only issues we’re having right now are a stuffy head, a cough, and most of us can taste nothing. All the good food we’ve been trying to eat… is like chewing on air.”

Strickland said that as soon as the test results came back positive, he contacted the deacons and began making contact with members. They will return to virtual worship services on Sunday and Wednesday for at least the next two weeks. This week’s Wednesday service has been cancelled.

The church will be deep cleaned and sanitized while it is closed. Details about the  church’s hanging of the greens service and fish plate sale will be finalized later.

Strickland said he did not know how he, his wife Brandy and their two children were infected.

“We did everything we could to not get it,” he said. “So we’re not exactly sure where the four of us came into contact with it, but we’ll figure that out.”

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