Warrant roundup picks up 19

Sheriff Jody Greene

Deputies picked up 19 suspects on a variety of outstanding warrants and criminal offenses Jan 14.

Operation Safe Streets targeted a laundry list of defendants wanted for everything from drug charges to failure to appear, according to Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Michele Tatum. The warrants were drawn by the sheriff’s office, clerk of court, and victims who had sought the charges.

Deputies fanned out across the county in the early morning hours of Jan. 14, and served warrants for 52 outstanding charges and 16 criminal summonses. While 20 were charges for failure to appear in court, others included weapons and drug charges. A total of 16 additional summonses were served, Tatum said.

Sheriff Jody Greene said in the press release that more defendants are sought.
“The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office will continue to serve warrants received,” he said. “We strongly urge anyone with an active warrant or criminal summons to contact a Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Deputy so the warrant/summons can be served.  We do not provide warrant information over the phone.”

If a person does to turn his or herself in, Greene said, deputies may contact family members, employers, friends and others until the individual is located and served. The sheriff’s office does not provide warrant information over the phone, Greene said.

 “We have a statutory responsibility to serve these warrants and will do so,” Greene said. “I thank our citizens for their cooperation and our staff for their hard work.”

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