‘Miracles Under the Tent’ Comes to Columbus

New breed revival
A youngster worshiping at a New Breed Revival tent service.

There is a revival coming to Columbus County, and this event is like none other. New Breed Revival is based out of Tampa, Fla., and Whiteville will be the be their next stop in July for ‘Miracles Under the Tent.’ 

Kevin and Brittney Chamberliss have been in the ministry for 11 years, and over the last five years, they have devoted their full time and attention to spreading the Gospel. They started their profession in Virginia, but they relocated to Tampa in 2017. The couple are both graduates of River University and ordained ministers, and they are a part of a traveling ministry called New Breed Revival.  

Brittney and kevin
Kevin and Brittney Chamberliss

“We hope to bring the Word to those who have never heard the Gospel. We want to heal the body of Christ while training Christians to come together for unity,” said Brittney.  

The evangelists said that God leads them to their destinations, and calls to local police departments tell them where help is needed the most. They come with groceries and household items in tow hoping that the giveaways encourage poverty-stricken residents and the sick in need of prayer and a miracle to come to the tent revival. They also give scholarships to those planning to attend Bible colleges, and they were once able to give a family a car.  

Their goal is to save souls and spread the Word while putting folks on the straight and narrow. They hope the domino effect helps to lower the crime rate and improve the lives of citizens living in the areas they minister to.  

Miracles Under the Tent saw over 1,400 attendees on their last visit to Columbus County four weeks ago. Hundreds were saved and many were baptized each night.  

The Chamberlisses said they will continue to visit this area until their work is complete. 

“We can’t leave until God says we’re done,” said Kevin.  

The next revival will be from July 12-19 at 2630 Dock Road in Whiteville. Faith clinics will be held daily at 9 a.m. with evening services at 6:30 p.m. each night. For more information about the ministry, visit www.newbreedrevival.com. The Chamberlisses can also be contacted through the website.