Hospital starts #maskupcolumbus

Columbus Regional Health Center is sponsoring the #maskupcolumbus campaign.
Columbus Regional has issued tighter restrictions for visitation due to the rise in COVID 19 cases.

With COVID-19 cases growing daily, and Columbus becoming one of the state’s epicenters for the pandemic, Columbus Regional is promoting a new 90-day effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Make Your Community Safer” is paired with #maskupcolumbus in hopes of fighting back against the virus during the next 90 days.

“Our ability to control the virus over the next three months will be critical for all of us as the onset of colder weather, the beginning of flu season, COVID fatigue, and social and family holiday gatherings all increase the risk of the virus spreading,” CEO John Young said when he announced the program Monday. “Hospitals across the country are being overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, sometimes beyond their capacity to provide care to everyone in need. The threat to our community also being severely overwhelmed is very real.”

Basic, simple safety techniques can make a big dent in the spread of the virus, Young said. The “Three Ws” – washing your hands, waiting six feet apart, and wearing a mask – are some of the best tools available for reducing the spread.

Slowing the spread is important to every part of the community, Young said. Every portion of society is affected.

“Columbus Regional wants to have enough staff and capacity to safely care for our patients as they have come to expect,” Young explained. “City and county governments, along with the Health Department, want a healthy community. The school systems want everyone back in the classroom. 

“Businesses do not want to close down again, and all employers want a productive, healthy workforce. Churches want their members back in church and skilled nursing facilities want visitors to return. All of us want our friends and family to avoid contracting this deadly virus.”

The virus is still active, Young said, and should be taken seriously. Everyone can play a role in stopping the spread.

“Please join our team, and the teams throughout our community, by doing your part to ‘Make Your Community Safe’ by practicing the three “Ws”; Wear a Mask, Wait six feet apart, and Wash your hands often. 

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  1. When I went to the whiteville hospital nurses and other workers were not wearing masks at all. You would think in s hospital it would be mandatory for everyone let alone employees who are taking your blood pressure and right up in your face should wear one. No wonder this county is so infested.

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