District attorney sued for alienation of affection

District Attorney Jon David
District Attorney Jon David

District Attorney Jon David is being sued for alienation of affection after allegedly being a relationship with a Bladen County woman while she was still married.

Court documents show that Jon David is accused of being romantically involved with Ashley Trivette of White Lake before she was separated from her husband, Tracey. David and Trivette are alleged to have begun a relationship after Trivette was arrested for driving while impaired and misdemeanor child abuse in Brunswick County in October 2017. 

Trivette was a Bladen County commissioner at the time, and a leader in the Republican party. David recused himself from prosecuting that case.   At the time of the arrest, the Trivettes were trying to adopt a five-year-old child, who was in the vehicle with her.  

Trivette entered an Alford plea  in the DWI, essentially taking responsibility for the charge without admitting guilt. The child abuse case was dismissed and expunged from the court records. 

Tracey Trivette alleges that David began pursuing Ashley Trivette around that time with “numerous enticing texts, calls, and communications” and those communications led to a romantic relationship. The Trivettes separated in January 2018. David and Ashley Trivette eventually moved in together.

Media first made mention of the relationship between Ashley Trivette and David in 2018, during an investigation into election fraud focusing on alleged Republican ballot harvesting in Bladen and Robeson counties. Citing a potential conflict of interest, David recused himself from that case. Trivette did not run for reelection in 2020.

Ashley Trivette filed for divorce Dec. 31, according to court records. Superior Court Judge Kent Harrell ordered that the lawsuit against David be put on hold pending completion of the divorce action. 

Tracey Trivette’s lawsuit states that David’s actions caused the divorce, and that “the genuine love and affection which previously existed” was “destroyed.” Trivette is asking the court to award punitive and compensatory damages.

On social media, both David and Ashley Trivette show themselves in being in a relationship with each other.

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