Traffic Detoured on Madison

Traffic on part of Madison Street in downtown Whiteville is being detoured to Lee due to “construction issues” on a building in the 700 block today (Wednesday).

Vehicle traffic is being sent down Main Street to Lee, and back up Commerce.

A brick fasciae is leaning on the former Leder Brothers store, which is undergoing renovation, City Emergency Services Director Hal Lowder said.

“There is no danger of an imminent collapse,” Lowder said, “but we closed the street as a precaution while the owner has an engineer inspect it.”

Lowder, who handles safety and fire inspections for the city, said he was contacted by a passerby who saw the potential problem. It’s not known exactly when the fasciae began leaning, or if the structure is seriously damaged.
As a precaution, traffic was blocked off Madison Street in the area, and the sidewalk in front of the building is closed. Other area businesses are still open, Lowder said, and parking is available on the nearby city lots.


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